Thursday, August 02, 2012

A Novel Approach

Ray Dix is one of our favorite novelists.  Why?  Because he draws his inspiration from his own experience and expertise as a death row defender -- one of those courageous attorneys who takes on the worst cases, with the grimmest outcomes.  A Public Defender in Florida, Ray has tried cases, written appeals, and served as a research and writing attorney for the judges of two judicial circuits over a twenty-two year career.

And, of course, Ray can write.  His characters spring to life, fully formed and three-dimensional. We love them or we hate them, we understand them or we are confounded by them.  They are REAL to us, because Ray makes them real.  It's a rare gift.

Ray's second novel, TAMPA BAY BLUES, has just been published.  The back cover gives a brief -- and tantalizing -- description:

TAMPA BAY BLUES takes you deep into the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and the unsettling world of police interrogation techniques.

Ex-Public Defender Woody Thomas’ friend from Alcoholics Anonymous, David Ingel, is murdered and Woody represents Robbie Battles, a mutual friend from AA who is charged with murdering David during an alcoholic blackout. Woody turns to detective Kyle Murdock, a former Navy SEAL, for help in an investigation that leads from the horse country of Ocala, to suburban Tampa and the beaches of Tampa Bay.

Unfortunately, Robbie Battles has confessed to the murder, the police have a murder weapon, and David's beautiful widow has a snub-nosed .38 Special and a passion for revenge.

You can find and purchase TAMPA BAY BLUES at Amazon any time.  But from August 3 to August 5, you can download the Kindle version -- FREE.  Click HERE to check it out. Even if you miss the free download, don't miss the opportunity to meet Ray's characters.  You'll never forget them.

And more good news -- Ray's first novel, DEATH ROW DEFENDER, is being re-released as CLEARWATER RUN.  Check for it at Amazon in September (2012).

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