Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Arts Factory presents… "The Row" By Clifford Holt

Please Note: The playwright was a former death row inmate whose case was overturned and he wrote it while in prison. It is an outstanding script.

"Let's get this straight, you're not are being killed."

Dates: May 14th (7:30), 15th (4:00), 20th (7:30) and 21st (7:30); 2011.
Price: $12.00 (Reservation Only)
Post show Panel Discussion on Sunday May 15th.
Location: Shaffer United Methodist Church-12002 Miles Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio
(216) 641-7629 *Please leave message regarding any questions and reservations*

Brief Synopsis
This stage production "The Row" written by playwright Clifford Holt opens up the closed world of women on death row. This production deals with the reality of women's rights and religious understanding. The play looks at how the eight women relate to their circumstances and each other. Red is scheduled to be put to death in 24 hours. The women spend their last time with her discussing everything from men, to religion, as well as entertaining each other with stories and jokes.

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