Sunday, October 05, 2008

William Coleman Hunger Protest Update, by Geoff Coleman

oday marks the 6th annerversary of the false allegations being made. Bill remains resolute in his protest and has been force fed at least three times. Osborne CI, have not advised us on his condition of health other than to say he is "ok". We suspect that he was force fed on the 3rd October 2008 which would fall in line with previous feed interventions.

Bill`s condition will get worse and it will result in permanent damage. Both Bill and his family and friends do not want him to die and urge for the circumstances surrounding his case to be investigated as well as the allegations itself, as the police and athorities failed to do so.

Please visit his web site which is updated daily.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

He plead guilty. Quit trying to hide the truth. I believe he is innocent but you have to admit the truth.

Anonymous said...

Mordenti plead guilty to gain freedom. Please add that.

Truth in Justice Files said...

Wrong. William Coleman did NOT plead guilty. He was convicted by a jury, despite testimony from his ex-wife that she was "too busy" to report the alleged rape for two weeks.

Michael Mordenti was retried and found guilty a second time in 2005. He was sentenced to 25 years. When the second conviction was reversed, he entered an Alford plea in order to gain his freedom. A lot of people don't understand that with an Alford plea, the person does not admit guilt.

Anonymous said...

I was saying Mordenti plead guilty, NOT Coleman. Please allow this comment.