Saturday, October 07, 2006

Guest Shot: And the Winner Is ...Rhode Island Senate Race from the Perspective of an Exoneree

By Jeffrey Scott Hornoff

Will there be any winner in the Senate race between former Attorney General Sheldon Whitehouse (D) and incumbent Lincoln Chaffee (R)? Chaffee likely snuck into office under his father’s admirable coattails. I do recall him reciting how he learned to fend for himself while working with horses, failing to mention his trust fund or family marriages that ensured his, his children’s and grandchildren’s affluent lifestyle. However, just because someone is wealthy does not mean that he cannot do good things; it is just an indication of someone seeking to relate to the common folk by not being entirely honest.

I know a little bit about having my honesty questioned. Upon my release from 6 ½ years of wrongful imprisonment for a murder I did not commit, Sheldon Whitehouse commented to Pawtucket Times reporter Douglas Hadden (Man to be freed on murder rap, November 05, 2002) ‘ "It’s very possible Hornoff arrived and found Cushman dead," He criticized Hornoff for "an incredible failure" to call 911, "evasions" and the type of "misstatements" to police typical of someone "who is trying to hide something."

Indeed, Mr. Whitehouse. Rather than request an independent investigation of the Rhode Island State Police department’s criminal and malicious misconduct, you, sir, chose to side with the department you worked so closely with, having blind faith in their "exemplary" and "professional" conduct.

In truth, it was the State Police who perpetuated a series of lies during their single and focused investigation, the two shams of grand juries, and during the one-sided trial. Mr. Whitehouse simply found it convenient to stand beside his office’s affiliations rather than seek the truth and hold those accountable for ripping apart three families and affecting countless others.

In closing, I do recall reading former Warwick Mayor Lincoln Chaffee’s statement in the Warwick Beacon that he had full confidence in the RI State Police’s ability to investigate me. How about having confidence in your own department?

In spite of their incompetence and malicious conduct after I was eliminated as a suspect, Captain Carter did make the right call. Chaffee is nothing more than a fence sitter, yet, he’s the least dangerous of the Republicans.

Will we keep Chaffee? Will Whitehouse slither in? Some have said that they intend to write my name in for the U.S. Senate seat. I’ve never given serious consideration to office, however, most of my skeletons are out there, and if enough people wrote in my name and shocked the political machines, I would be an outspoken advocate for all Rhode Islanders. I would also take an immediate pay cut of 1/3; it’d go to my ex-wife.

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