Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Verdict in Julie Rea (Harper) Case


July 26, 2006
Verdict Reading

The Judge was notified that the jury had reached a verdict at 4:10 PM.
The proceedings started at 4:24.

Judge Vaughn requested that the court give the jury the respect it deserves and that no outburst of emotion will be tolerated. You would be removed from the courtroom.

The Jury Foreman passed the Verdict to the Judge. The Judge read:


Julie burst into tears and then fainted to the floor. Ron Safer half caught her and brought her to a sitting position. Mark Harper came to the front and comforted her, and eventually she was able to stand.

David Rands requested the jury be poled and one at a time they answered that their verdict given freely was Not Guilty.

The Judge thanked the jury and they were dismissed. He thanked the Lawyers on both sides, and complemented them on their professionalism.

Prosecutor Edwin Parkinson did not attend the Verdict reading


Anonymous said...

Lack of leadership everywhere, it seams:

Judiciously Logical said...

Prosecutor Edwin Parkinson should have the same exact situation occur to him so he feels the gravity of his actions and how they had such a bad effect on the innocent mother who had to spend so much time in jail for absolutely no reason!!! What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? The was no evidence of the mother killing her one and only son and he knew it and so did the police! What a joke this system is in the way it prosecutes innocent people all of the time and the prosecutors don't care after they are proven innocent. It is as if they were just doing a job and they don't feel the victims pain. They should be responsible for their actions and serve just as much time as the innocent victims do when they are completely wrong so they know to always get it right or don't have that kind of a job that can convict innocent people of crimes that causes them to get locked up for no reason!!! That is such an atrocity when it happens especially against people that are accused of killing their own family when someone else did and they are already suffering emotionally from their loved ones death!!!